Above & Beyond

Technology is changing the transportation industry, and we recognize the important role it plays in businesses today. Connell has made notable advancements in this field. By installing state of the art tablet and software systems in all of our trucks, we can provide far more than just tracking of the vehicle’s location. We monitor over 100 different events every second as well as independently measure G-Forces being experienced in the cab. With features like real-time on-screen corrective coaching, and text to speech applications, our drivers know when they are driving safely and eco-friendly. . We offer innovative technology solutions, from integration with customer business systems to advanced business intelligence reports and dashboards. Our trucks are always talking, keeping us up to date on every delivery.

We understand that when your product has to cross borders, it can add a lot of complexity. We’re here to help. With cross boarder routes handled by e-manifest, Connell provides direct connectivity to both US and Canadian customs to help manage required documents and reduce potential delay. We’ll also work directly with your Customs Broker to assist in clearance.

We provide customizable trailer configurations and fabrications to fit your product transfer requirements, ensuring we always have the right equipment to get the job done.. Need to speak with us? Get a hold of us by voice, video, chat or email. You can reach us, no matter where you are or what device you are using. At Connell, commitment to our client’s individual needs are a driving force behind everything we do.

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