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January 4, 2018
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March 13, 2018

Good Driving Habits


Based on an article by Lisa Olivera

What is duty of care?  Duty of care is what is required from us every time that we get behind the wheel to proactively protect ourselves, and other road users from harm. If we all work together we can achieve this.  Education is everything, so this article is concerning driving habits.

A responsible driver monitors the actions of other drivers, changing weather conditions and changing road surfaces, trying to anticipate hazards before they happen. Below are some examples of safe driving practices.

  1. During a winter storm, watch for signs of changing weather such as ice forming on the back of your mirrors or spray no longer coming from the tires of passing vehicles. These are indicators that you may be driving on black ice. If you feel that the weather is causing unsafe road conditions, find a safe place to pull over. If you do stop, and when it is safe to do so, call and let someone know that you stopped so that they know where you are and that you are safe.


  1. Maintain your attention to the road and avoid sources of distraction while driving, such as eating, drinking and cell phone use.


  1. Plan your routes in advance. That is more than just the roads you are planning to take-include where you plan to stop for fuel, eating, sleeping, and rest periods.


  1. Maintain an appropriate following distance in all driving conditions. Leaving space gives you more time to react to what is happening around you.


  1. Maintain vehicle speed that is appropriate for road and traffic conditions. A responsible driver will observe traffic patterns and other road users, and selects a safe roadside location for stopping and/or parking, and resumes safely back into traffic.


  1. Recognize and takes steps to avoid situations that might cause anger, hostility or danger. These are all signs of road rage.


  1. Scan your mirrors, instruments and gauges regularly and systematically.

To sum everything up, if we all do our due diligence and practice our “duty of care” those around us, and just as importantly you, will be able to return home safe. You can be a leader in this movement; be courteous, yield to other motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and slow‐moving vehicles.


Safe travels.